Pricing for limousines and limo buses vary from company to company. Some draw you in with really low rates but when it's time for your service they either cancel on you because they took a run that is going to pay more than you or they tell you there are a bunch of more fees you have to pay before you leave. We do business the opposite. We tell you all the pricing up front and we don't cancel on you. Our price will include everything and our promise that we will provide you with service. There is nothing that we hide. If you want to know anything, you can ask us.

We don't list our prices on our site because our prices are always changing but also to avoid any confusion you may have. It's a lot easier and more understanding when you call us for a quote. You'll be able to receive a quote that is to the penny. As you probably have noticed, there is no pricing listed on our site. To avoid any confusion, it is best to call us to receive your free quote. Our prices change due to factors like the time of the year but also if the cost to run the bus is higher, the price to rent will be higher.

When you are ready to receive your free quote, you'll just have to answer a few questions and the booking agent will have it to you shortly. The questions are: date of reservation, time of reservation, number of passengers, pick up/drop off locations, and the number of hours you want the reservation for.